​Financial, Operational, Regulatory and Strategic Expertise

The following is a representative sample of our client profile which is a representation of the breadth and depth of the services provided. The breadth of our services includes bookkeeping (Bk), controller (Co) level services and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) duties, while the depth covers the financial (F), operational (O), regulatory (R) and strategic (S) aspects of RTB.

What Our Clients Say

We always had viewed the finance and accounting function to be a rear facing overhead the company required. On using the services of [RTB] we quickly realized the significant value of the finance role. Today we won’t make any major decision without the input of [RTB]


Chairman and CEO

We had a significant opportunity in front of us but unable to execute on it financially. We engaged [RTB] and quickly put a financing plan together which we implemented and were successful in securing the necessary funding in less than sixty days. This would not have been possible without [RTB’s] in-depth financial experience to draw from



We grew rapidly and lost control of our accounting system. Our time suddenly was being eaten up on non-value add things. Since bringing in [RTB] we are back to growing our company with the knowledge that the infrastructure they fixed and rebuilt has the controls and robustness required to keep up.



We brought [RTB] in to help with our accounting needs. We quickly realized that they had significant experience and contacts that could help our company in a number of areas – from audit to recruitment, insurance to investor relations – we therefore expanded our scope and have been delighted with their value add.


Chairman and CEO

Our company had a great opportunity in front of us but we were bogged down by accounting and administrative issues (legal, CRA, insurance, payroll, GST, notice to readers, SR&ED, etc.). Bringing on [RTB] has made a huge difference in our ability to focus on the things that matter; the ones that increase shareholder value. [RTB] has done an excellent job not just in the finance group, but their input is valued by all our employees and the Board.