Our Company

Our Company's Philosophy

The RTB team fundamentally believes that success is less driven by the end product and more so by having great people who know how to execute. People are the heart of every successful organization and it is with that conviction that we have developed the following underpinnings of our corporate philosophy:

  1. Hire great people that have the experience of what to do, and more importantly, what not to do;
  2. Earn the respect of each person we interact with through hard work, competence and integrity;
  3. To support the strategic goals of our clients by prioritizing their needs; and
  4. Build strong relationships with other service providers so that together we can leverage our collective wisdom.

Our Compensation Structure

Our priority in pricing is to ensure the client realizes the full value of the services provided, which is why we have structured our compensation as follows:

  1. We do not require long-term contracts for our services. If you are unsatisfied, or rather, satisfied but have outgrown our part-time offerings, you can terminate our contract with 30 days notice;
  2. We do not ask for prepayment or retainers unless extenuating circumstances exist; and
  3. We do not charge by the hour. Together we establish a fixed monthly fee dependent on your needs, under which all responsibilities and deliverables are encompassed. We believe in the value that we can bring to your business and therefore if you do not believe that we have delivered the value proposed in our scope of engagement, we will waive our fixed monthly fee.